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Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the speed at which the oil and gas field develops. To help cut through the information overload, we’ve compiled a list of some great oil and gas Twitter accounts to follow for updated information.

Oil and Gas Twitter Accounts to Follow

@OGJOnline is the official twitter account for the Oil & Gas Journal which publishes articles on oil and gas processing, drilling and production, exploration and development and also regularly gauges public and political opinion on the oil and gas industry.




The U.S. Energy Information Administration or EIA tweets about oil and gas along with other forms of energy from @EIAgov. This account is a must-follow because they regularly put out detailed reports on America’s current energy industry and climate while also focusing on energy abroad.




If you are interested in the Marcellus Shale play, @MarcellusGas is a great account to follow. It is the official account of the Marcellus Shale Coalition that works to spread information about the positive impact of natural gas extraction and production on families and businesses. The account will also tweet out info from its member companies.




Power Source provides energy news that is specific to the state of Pennsylvania. As a subset of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, @PGPowerSource frequently posts updates on energy-related legislation, events going on in the Pittsburgh area, and news on the direct impact of the growth natural gas extraction and exploration in the area.




@ANGAus is the Twitter account of America’s Natural Gas Alliance. They advocate for natural gas production and exploration companies to both the government and to potential customers. They seek to make sure that America’s natural gas goes to making our nation both cleaner and stronger.




@API_News is the official Twitter account of the American Petroleum Institute (API). @APInews focuses on spreading relevant information on all aspects of the oil and natural gas industry to local government, industry leaders, and policy makers.




@DrillingInfo is the twitter account for DrillingInfo.com. True to their name, they conduct vast amounts of research on the effects and process of producing natural oil and gas. On their twitter account, they share the data and analysis that they have created.




@MarcellusDN is the twitter account for Marcellus Drilling News. This account aggregates news on the Marcellus and Utica shales every day. They specifically focus on news items that directly affect landowners and those interested in getting into the industry.




@EnergyNation is a politically based Twitter feed that explains how upcoming bills and measures will affect the jobs and lives of those who work in the energy field. They offer many voter resources, invitations to events, and information about why the energy field is so important on their website.



Last But Not Least

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