RenovatingHope Flag Campaign: Honoring American Veterans Every Day

RenovatingHope has started a new campaign to place American flags at the homes of veterans, service members, and their families as a thank you for their brave service. The Flag Campaign allows people to purchase an American-made flag for the service member of their choice. RenovatingHope, a community partner of Cabot’s, is a nonprofit organization that works to make sure that “every American veteran with a disability has a home that is adapted to their unique needs.” Their work shows that America cares for our veterans every day of the year, not just Veteran’s Day.

The Flag Campaign has Two Missions

One mission is to honor the sacrifice and service of service members and veterans by sending them a American flags that they can place on flagpoles at their homes. Another mission is to support the home repair and renovation services that RenovatingHope provides to service members and veterans.

Each flag that is purchased raises awareness of RenovatingHope’s commitment to caring for our veterans. Each donation of a flag also reaffirms to the person receiving it that their dedication and sacrifice has not been forgotten. Flags and poles can be sent for $495 plus shipping. All money donated as part of this campaign goes to the cost of shipping, purchasing the flag and pole, and the running of the campaign.

An Interview with Paul S. Hoffecker, Founder and CEO

Has RenovatingHope worked in the past to install flag poles at the homes of those they have assisted?

Our American Flag represents the service and sacrifice of the thousands of men and women who have given of themselves, sometimes paying the ultimate sacrifice, to provide us with the freedoms we enjoy today.

The American flag stands as a lasting reminder, in recognition of their military service to our nation, and signifies to our service members, veterans, and their families that they have not been forgotten.

Sometimes there was Neighborhood Association Restrictions and/or the financial restraints of offering a flag pole and flags to all veterans and those serving was a limiting factor.

What was the inspiration for the flag program?

Over the seven year history of completing major RenovatingHope’s home remodel projects, we often hold an honoring ceremony at the home of the service member or veteran that recognizes his or her military service to our nation.

We invite Federal and local State officials, military command and officers, the press, veterans based organizations, and other community service groups with a local color guard presenting the colors at the opening of the honoring ceremony.  The print and TV media usually cover the event and follow up interviews.

Presenting American flags, and often with the represented service flag, then raising them on a 20-foot high flagpole, creates a very memorable and lasting moment to those present.

The response to this event has been an overwhelming success. The service members or veterans receiving the flag pole and flags feel honored and not forgotten for their service, and the American flags become an enduring symbol of their service to our nation.

As some service members or veterans prefer to maintain their privacy, not all of our projects have completion ceremonies.

What partners do you have in the program?

As we just launched Flag Campaign on Veterans Day, 2014, we have not yet established the corporate or non-profit partnerships.  With the soft launch now and then the National rollout slated for the second week in January 2015, we are inviting our known social media followers to begin the “spreading of the word” campaign to their friends, family and co-workers and to our current RenovatingHope partners that support the renovation and repair services that we now provide to be active; in their social portals.

How many flags have you given out as part of the renovations?

To date RenovatingHope has sent 77 flags and or 20-foot aluminum flagpoles to American service members and veterans.

What are your hopes for the flag program?

As flags are placed across our nation, we hope that awareness of the service and sacrifice that our service members and veterans will grow each and every dayLest We Not Forget should be the rallying call of all Americans

We also want to bring awareness of how RenovatingHope is helping our service members and veterans the needed national attention to those who are living in homes that are well below their honor and dignity

How do you measure the impact of the Flag Campaign?

When we provide home remodeling or repair services, the results are tangible and obvious, but giving and receiving our Flag offering is a very personal experience that affects the person sending a flag to a service member and veteran in different ways.

So we don’t plan to measure the impact, but just let each person who chooses to participate in Flag Campaign do so for his or her own personal reason.  If the service member or veteran elects to give a testimonial then we will post it after permission is given.

How many veterans do you hope to serve and give flags to next year?

Since Flag Campaign was just recently launched on Veterans Day, we don’t quite know how many service members and veterans will be sent a flag and flagpole in the upcoming year.

Our hope is that as people discover how they can honor those who serve and served our nation that many Americans will choose to participate in Flag Campaign.

How can the community help further the Flag Campaign’s goals?

Communities around the country are always looking for ways to rally around a cause. Right now we are using social media to raise awareness for the Flag Campaign, so liking RenovatingHope’s Facebook page and sharing a link to our Flag Campaign webpage will really make a difference.

And since any individual, and American based company or organization can participate, we would encourage those visiting the RenovatingHope website will tell their friends and co-workers about Flag Campaign.

How can a person who doesn’t know a veteran personally donate a flag?

When someone wishes to send a flag pole and flags, we ask them if they would like to choose which service member or veteran they want to send an American Flag and flagpole to, or if they would like RenovatingHope to decide who will receive a the flag offering.

We have strong affiliations and partners involved in our nation’s military and veteran community so we can always accommodate and recommend someone in any of the armed services.

Does the Flag Campaign have any need for volunteers? If so, how can the community help?

Knowing there is an active community base of volunteers whether they are members of lions clubs, Rotary , VFW, local school associations just to name a few….. all can get involved with their social media connections and take on a project that by being part of the Flag Campaign they can send a patriotic message that they appreciate the sacrifice of those who serve and served. You will be honoring them in many ways.For more information about RenovatingHope and the Flag Campaign, like their Facebook and Twitter pages for updates.

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