Cabot Announces Partnership with RenovatingHope

We are pleased to announce that we will be partnering with the well-respected organization RenovatingHope over the next year as they continue their mission to help our nation’s veterans.

About RenovatingHope

We’re a nonprofit organization on a mission to honor American heroes by providing home remodeling solutions to veterans with disabilities.

RenovatingHope is a unique organization that focuses on a very specific aspect of life for some returning veterans – the ability to live comfortably in their home. This organization has the goal of making sure that “every American veteran with a disability has a home that is adapted to their unique needs.”

So far, the organization has completed 260 projects and is working on six active ones. But this pales in comparison to the thousands of veterans who need assistance. RenovatingHope achieves these renovations by partnering with local contractors, foundations, national suppliers and a volunteer network to make these projects possible. Some of the RenovatingHope partners include familiar names such as AW2 Wounded Warriors, the Home Depot Foundation, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the Christopher & Dan Reeve Foundation.

Partnering Moving ForwardOne of the first and foremost issues facing RenovatingHope is one of awareness. Not just for possible partners to learn about all of the good work the organization is doing, but for individuals as well. Many times veterans are unwilling to come forward and ask for help, so it is important that others around them are willing to step in and get them connected with the organization. With more than 20,000 veterans in need right now across the country, there’s a lot of work to be done.

How can you help?There are many ways to get involved. Donations and  volunteering for local projects are great ways to have a direct positive impact on the life of a U.S. veteran.

But more than that, you can help spread the word. Please visit the RenovatingHope website and read more about their mission, testimonials from veterans who have been aided, and see pictures of the good work being done across the country. Then, share this story with those you meet. Your friends, family, civic organization members, bowling league friends, or anyone else. You never know how close you might be to someone in need (or someone aware of a veteran in need) and how you can help change their life for the better.

Help our veterans receive the help they have earned and deserve.

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Brittany Ramos

Brittany was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and attended Pennsylvania State University where she earned degrees in Public Relations and Psychology. She recently earned her Masters in Sociology from Sam Houston State University. Brittany works in the External Affairs for Cabot where she manages communications and outreach projects to community members, elected officials, media and online supporters.

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