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Students Provided With Virtual Hands-on Energy Experience

Students provided with virtual hands-on energy experience

The following is a guest post by Rick Hiduk. Youths at schools in three counties will have a better idea of how their math and science studies relate to the natural gas industry by the end of the week, as the Mobile Oilfield Learning Unit (MOLU) makes its way through the region. Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation sponsored the virtual field trip, which made its first stop at Elk Lake Elementary School on Monday. Students are divided into up as many as 24 groups to move through four activities at each of six stations that resemble kiosks. With workbooks in…

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SCCTC students manufacture training tool for Cabot

The following a guest post by Rick Hiduk. ----- As Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation develops new technology to further increase productivity of its wells, the close relationship with the Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center (SCCTC) at the Elk Lake High School Campus has resulted once again in a solution to the company’s need for a complex training tool – this time for its employees. As the pressure in older wells decreases, it becomes more difficult to force excess water to the surface. As the fluid builds up, gas production is adversely affected. The traditional remedy has been to…

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Opportunities for women in the oil and gas industry

This WNEP Power to Save Segment takes at opportunities for women in the oil and gas industry. Studies show that diversity in a company is beneficial for many reasons, including diversity of thought. Right now the percentage of women who are employed in the natural gas industry is around 13% - definitely a number with some room for improvement. This industry and its value chain provide nearly every opportunity for individuals with all types of education and interest. Sure there are heavy equipment operators and rig hands and well tenders which tend to be the jobs most associated when you…

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