# FF WPX Energy

@WPXEnergy has been around since 1983. For the first 27 years the company was part of Williams Co., but by the end of 2011, they split off to form WPX as a stand-alone independent company completely focused on the E&P [...]

#FF Shale Media Group

Shale Media Group is the premier news, information, education and mapping resource dedicated to the shale, oil and gas industries. @Shale Media Group expands its presence in these energy industries through Video, Internet, Publication, Events and Radio (VIPER). Their utilization of [...]

#FF BX3 Oil Field Supply

The folks at BX3 Oil Field Supply consider themselves to be the Relentless Problem Solvers. BX3 Oil Field Supply, also known as Taylor Rental, opened its first franchise in April, 2006 in Susquehanna County. As the natural gas industry began [...]

#FF Shale Daily

This week’s #FF is @ShaleDaily.Shale Daily is the premier one-stop news and information source covering shale energy in North America. As the name indicates, Shale Daily is a daily (Monday through Friday) online news service aimed at professionals concerned with [...]

#FF Oil & Gas Financial Journal

This week’s #FF is @OGFJ.The Oil & Gas Financial Journal was initially launched in February 2004 as a quarterly supplement to Penn Well’s flagship publication, Oil & Gas Journal. Shortly thereafter, the magazine went monthly. And a decade later, the publication [...]