Natural Gas Fuels Holiday Traditions

Modern day life requires energy, and this is especially true over the holidays!

As the holiday season is upon us, you may not realize the role that oil and natural gas have in fueling your festivities. Oil and natural gas are there to keep you warm, get you to and from your family gatherings, help you cook your meals, and are even found in decorations and gifts during the holidays.

And thanks to America’s shale revolution, families have saved billions of dollars on energy bills – savings that have helped fuel America’s economy and household budgets. In the tristate Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia region alone, from 2006 – 2016, residents saved more than $75 billion thanks to lower natural gas prices.

Heats & Cooks

Many Americans use reliable and affordable natural gas to heat their homes throughout the winter months. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, about half of American homes use natural gas to not only to heat their homes, but to heat water, to cook and to dry clothes. You may find yourself sitting by a cozy natural gas fireplace while watching your favorite Christmas movies or heating your best pair of festive pajamas in your natural gas-powered clothes dryer.

Looking for last-minute gift ideas for colleagues, neighbors, teachers and others you may have overlooked? Turn to your natural gas stove for hot and delicious cookies, brownies or other sweet treats that are sure to warm hearts and bellies!

A few we recommend:

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  2. Award Winning Gingerbread Cookies
  3. Easy Christmas Tree Brownies

Transports You to Friends & Family

December 20th – January 2nd is the most popular time for travel other than the week of Thanksgiving and Independence Day. The transportation industry relies on oil and natural gas to get Americans where they need to be, for each wave of holiday travel and every other day in between. Whether it’s by car, bus, or plane, you can thank oil and natural gas for getting you to and from your destination this holiday season.

Oil and natural gas also help to transport your family Christmas tree form the farm, fuel your holiday shopping trips, and that last minute trip to the hardware store for an extra extension cord.

Holiday Decor & Gifts

Oil and natural gas are used to make many items found in everyday life. Petroleum, a derivative of oil and natural gas, can also be found in many products you use throughout the season, like wrapping paper, ornaments, and tinsel. Let’s not forget the gifts under the tree, too. Whether you unwrap a new iPhone or your favorite sports jersey, petrochemicals are found in almost everything.

As you gather with friends and family this holiday season, remember that oil and natural gas make it possible to sit back and relax as you open presents Christmas morning or ring in the New Year on January 1st.

Kelsey Mulac

Kelsey was raised in Indiana, Pennsylvania and attended The Pennsylvania State University where she earned a degree in Communications. Kelsey works as the External Affairs Coordinator at Cabot where she manages external communications, including social media and community outreach projects. Prior to starting her full-time position, Kelsey worked as a summer intern for Cabot while attending Penn State.

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