Imagine a Day Without Oil & Natural Gas

It’s important to understand why oil and natural gas are important in your daily life. Many people might not realize the extent of these natural resources from power generation to plastic manufacturing, it’s all around us!

Reposted with permission from Powering California

Did you know that many products that you use every day are made from petroleum? When you think of petroleum, chances are, the first thing that comes to mind is gasoline. Yet oil and natural gas are not just sources of energy that turn on our lights and power our cars, planes, water heaters and kitchen appliances. They are also important raw materials in many of the products and household items we can’t live without.

Imagine a day without your cell phone, computer, eyeglasses, air conditioning, refrigerator, vitamins and medications. What would your kids do without their acrylic paints, books, plastic toys, footballs and basketballs? The graphic below highlights just a few common household items that are made possible through the use of petroleum.

SOURCE: Powering California

Kelsey Mulac

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