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This week’s #FF features Marcellus Minutes, which can be found on Twitter as @marcellusmin. We talked to Tim Bittle, the publisher of Marcellus Minutes.

Tim offered a brief overview of Marcellus Minute, and some of their outreach:

Marcellus Minutes is a weekly newsletter and website that features information on related legislation and reporting of testimony on legislation and policy issues.  It also features links to articles and information on studies and other resources. Nearly all members of the State Senate and House receive the newsletter as well as senior officials in the Governor’s Administration and Departments.  Exploration and Production companies, law firms, and local officials have also subscribed.Are you the only one who tweets for Marcellus Minutes?

Yes. I track legislation, news stories and other items of interest to produce the newsletter and website. I tweet the news stories and other developments.

What led you to become the editor of Marcellus Minutes?

I came up with the concept for Marcellus Minutes after attending a State Senate Policy Committee meeting in 2008.  I listened to the testimony of two gentlemen who were doing something similar in Texas.  After I started publishing the newsletter requests by policymakers and others to receive the newsletter came pouring in.

How do you stay so current with all the Marcellus news?

I am a lobbyist in Harrisburg with Bigley & Blikle, LLC and follow all of the legislation that could affect natural gas development. I interact with policymakers that could have an impact on the industry to learn in advance of their thoughts on additional policy.  I also am constantly reviewing news items that may be of interest, tweeting them and including them in the weekly newsletter.

What is a fun fact about Marcellus Minutes?

Marcellus Minutes has followers from many countries outside of the U.S.

Where can we go to learn more about Marcellus Minutes?

The website can be accessed at www.marcellusminutes.com. The newsletter is subscription-based.

Jump online and follow @marcellusmin and go to www.marcellusminutes.com to subscribe to the weekly newsletter. Subscriptions are available from single-users, or company-wide, multi-users.

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