#FF: @marcellusnews

Today we’re featuring @marcellusnews, the Twitter handle belonging to TheMarcellusShale.com, as our #FF. Since the handle began tweeting in January of 2010, they’ve shared hundreds and hundreds of tweets about the natural gas industry, specifically about the Marcellus Shale.

According to Tushar Savalia, Executive Director of ToGoMultimedia, Inc., TheMarcellusShale.com aims “to increase and enhance the discussion about the Marcellus shale and the Utica Shale along with all the developments that come along with it.” He says that the site has “maintained a neutral stance about the industry and have gained an immense following and credibility because of it.”

Like the site’s Twitter handle, the site endeavors to “disseminate relevant, up to date information about the events happening in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and New York concerning the energy industry.”

If you couldn’t make it to the latest networking or educational event about Shale gas development, @marcellusnews has you covered. Scrolling through the account’s many well-captioned photos is an educational experience unto itself. The handle records events speaker-by-speaker and topic-by-topic through not only tweets but also through photos.

The handle tweets very no-nonsense descriptors of links to follow. We appreciate this when we’re on the go and when we want to catch up on the latest natural gas news and events. @marcellusnews also tweets quite frequently, so there’s always new material to read.

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