Meet the Cabot Crew: Bill Kelley Sr.

As we continue our series featuring individuals who helped make the 3rd Annual Cabot Community Picnic a success, we absolutely need to include Bill Kelley Sr.

Bill is the co-owner (along with his son, Bill Kelley Jr.) of Taylor Rental / BX3 located in South Montrose and Tunkhannock, Pa. The family owned business was started in 2006 when Bill’s son contacted him about trying to find a way to move from Philadelphia back to the Susquehanna County area where he grew up.

“Bill wanted to move back to the area, but at that time there weren’t any opportunities for him,” Bill explained. “So we did some research and looked into starting our own company to bring him back here.”

The father-son team founded the South Montrose location and added a second store in Tunkhannock as well. Once the natural gas industry came to town, Taylor Rental became the go-to location for the industry to get what they needed. The partnership has continued to grow over the years and thanks to their “can do” attitude in working with their customers, Taylor Rental has continued to provide everything from hard hats to cotton candy machines.

All of the tents, chairs, tables, and children’s games at the Picnic were rented from the company; without Taylor Rental, a large portion of the Picnic would have been missing.

We talked to Mr. Kelley about his booming business and how it all started:

Q: You’ve owned other businesses before, how did you decide to start the Taylor Rental franchise?

This is my fifth start-up business, and the key is to always find a need and figure out how to fill it. After doing some research in the area we realized that there weren’t any rental places in Susquehanna or Wyoming Counties, so we applied for the franchise and went from there.

Q: So how did your business start supplying to companies in the natural gas industry?

When the natural gas industry came to the area in 2007/2008, they were looking to work directly with local companies. Everyone from GDS to Cabot to Somerset Regional Water Resources gave us opportunities to do business with them. We started a relationship with these companies, listened to their needs and tried to bring in whatever supplies they needed. It was important for us to go in with the mentality that we would do whatever it took to make the customer happy.

Q: How has working with the industry as well as the general public changed your business?

The industry companies gave us some great opportunities to earn their business and to grow our company. We’ve added an offshoot business, BX3 Oilfield Supply, to directly address the product needs of the industry. Business has been great; we’re able to afford full benefits for our employees now, something that we weren’t able to do before the industry came here.

Q: With everything else you’re providing to us, how did you become involved with the Picnic?

Well, George Stark came in sometime in April/May and let me know that Cabot wanted to put a Picnic on for the community. My reponse was of course, “What can we do to help you?” Worst mistake I’ve ever made in my life!

All joking aside, everyone pulled together to make it all happen and founded a great event to help get information out in the community. It’s important to get the information out there because there is misinformation but there are also benefits people need to know about. It’s nice to be able to say that there are good jobs in the area now. There is a future for the next generation if they stay – real careers with great opportunities.

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