Video Tuesday: Working with Landowners to Restore Land

A few months ago, we featured a video discussing how Cabot consults with Quality Deer Management Association to restore the land we use to an equal, if not better, state than it was before we began our operations.

In addition to working with groups that specialize in the best way to do this, Cabot also makes it a point to work closely with landowners to restore their land in a way that will meet our guidelines and their expectations. We strive to work with them to both respect their property during our operations and to return their land to its original condition.

It’s also important that we set realistic expectations when speaking with our landowners before any operations commence on their land. By explaining what to expect and the timeline for the operations, such as the difference between reclamation and restoration,  we strive to maintain a level of communications with our landowners to keep them informed of progress on the site.

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