This week we are looking at MATCOR, a company whose cathodic protection systems (which we will be explaining further next week) set the international standards for corrosion related projects. Not only is MATCOR leading their industry on an international scope, [...]

Memoirs of Shale Gas Insight

Today’s post contributed by Bill desRosiers – Coordinator, External Affairs By all accounts Shale Gas Insight 2012 exceeded every expectation at fostering a fact-based debate about responsible Marcellus Shale development in Pennsylvania. With networking and education opportunities galore, there was literally [...]

Shale Gas Insight – A view from the booth

Today’s post contributed by Brittany Thomas - Coordinator, External Affairs At the end of last week hundreds of individuals from around the natural gas industry gathered at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia for a series of expert panels, powerhouse [...]

#FF: @DietrichFilms

This week we are highlighting the Dietrich Theater in Tunkhannock, Pa. as our #FF.  The Dietrich operates as a non-profit organization and is a cornerstone of the community.  Their Twitter account, @DietrichFilms is a great way to stay connected with [...]