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The energy industry can feel smaller than it actually is, thanks to how closely-connected industry professionals are to one another.  What was already a close-knit industry has been even further connected thanks to social media and e-networking.  Gabrielle Samples, of Energy People Connect, talked with Well Said about EPC’s homegrown networking service and how Twitter keeps the energy industry on the same page.  In Gabrielle’s own words:

Energy People Connect is a lifestyle resource and the industry’s first online social network for professionals in the global energy industry. In addition to that, we are a boutique media, communications and project management firm.


Are you the only person that tweets?  How did you decide to start tweeting?

I tweet the majority of the time for @energypeople.  Twitter is such a powerful platform for short-form engagement and news.  When I started, I knew I wanted to use Twitter as a vehicle for expressing our ideas about the industry and for listening to others. I learn something everyday about our industry from our Twitter network and I enjoy watching how other people make their mark.

How long have you been tweeting?

I have been tweeting for Energy People Connect since 2011.

The EPC Community has almost 2,000 registered members –- What are the benefits to having a centralized community of energy professionals?

We are able to leverage our network to supportindustry initiatives and make connections between individuals in the Houston energy space.

What role does Twitter have for @EnergyPeople?

We use Twitter as our primary social media marketing tool to build brand awareness for our clients and ourselves, stay up to date on industry news/trends and listen to people in the industry.

Some members of Energy People Connect’s community
Your impressive portfolio on Prezi does a great job summarizing the scope of your accomplishments.  What is your favorite project EPC has worked on?

We are extremely lucky to work with nothing but awesome clients. I think my favorite was Surge Accelerator. We started working with them to help recruit early-stage energy software companies for SURGE Class 1 and spread the word about the onset of their program in Houston. This was a great example of how our community helped foster their introduction into the Energy Capital.

What do you think is the most interesting aspect of @EnergyPeople?

We like to shed light on soft subject matters of the industry such as the “Great Crew Change”, work culture, generational issues, sustainability, safety and industry silos among many others. I always spend a bit time researching these issues and trying to brainstorm effective ways to communicate them to our network.

Where can we go to learn more about Energy People Connect?

You can visit our website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+ or visit us at the Houston Technology Center! We love to powwow and make connections – hence our name!

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