#FF Feature: @KelchnerEnergy

Our #FF this week is @KelchnerEnergy – the Twitter presence for Kelchner, one of the top 20 largest civil construction firms in the country.

Why you should follow @KelchnerEnergy

We enjoy @KelchnerEnergy because their tweets are more than just fluff. It’s an easy habit to simply retweet everything that comes down the oil & natural gas news pipeline to followers and not bring anything unique to the conversation; Kelchner does not have that problem.

Missed out an article in the Washington Post? Don’t worry, odds are if it talks about energy independence and growth Kelchner will tweet it out for their followers to read.

But the feed also provides commentary on news stories and actual connections with individuals who are involved at all levels in the energy industry.

Q&A with Rob Beecham from Kelchner

After making initial contact with @KelchnerEnergy, we were curious as to just who was sending those tweets out for the world to see. Answer: Rob Beecham the Director of Business Development for Kelchner. He was kind enough to answer some questions about his work in the Twitterverse.

Q: You handle all of the marketing and social media for Kelchner – how long have you been tweeting for the company?I have been tweeting for 4+ years, but only for a few months for Kelchner. I joined Kelchner late last year and launched our social media program just after the new year.Q: How do you decide on the content to share with your followers?My goal for our social media program is to support energy exploration and energy independence.  I choose to post information that I feel factually presents the safety and history of hydraulic fracturing and the economic impact it is having.Q: Kelchner is a notable excavation contractor but, as your webpage points out, the people working for the company make it different. Do you feel that your social media strategy another way Kelchner is distinguishing itself from other contractors?  I believe it’s the responsibility of all who make their living in this business to be proactive in supporting the industry.  The vocal minority  for to long has helped shape public perception and government regulations.  I believe every energy industry professional should  be actively involved in communicating the science and facts about hydraulic fracturing and its safety record.

Kelchner has a section of their website dedicated to the ways they are different from their competitors – in our opinion, @KelchnerEnergy is a demonstrating that every day. Want to know something about Kelchner that isn’t on their website? Send them an email!

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