Happy Halloween from Oil & Natural Gas

Halloween is almost here!

You know what that means… decorations, costumes, and lots of candy! But did you know that oil and natural gas make your Halloween fun possible?

Many Halloween costumes are made with synthetic fabrics like nylon, polyester, and spandex. Even wigs are made from synthetic fabrics! Those scary masks are often made from latex, which is created from petroleum. Face makeup and paint derived from oil and natural gas too.

The spooky decorations up and down the block from rubber skeletons to plastic spiders to synthetic webs are made from polymers. Don’t forget about the plastic bowl for the candy!

You may even be surprised to learn that novelty candy, and their wrappers can be derived from petroleum. The colors and waxes that make candy so bright and fun are, too. Even the plastic pumpkins that help the kids collect their trick-or-treat candy are made possible by oil and natural gas.

Don’t be spooked by oil and natural gas, they’re all around you this Halloween!

You can learn more about how plastics are made from oil and natural gas here.

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Madison Weaver

Madison Weaver is a creative writing and communications double major at Bucknell University. As the external affairs intern at Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation for summer 2018, Madison will be creating blog posts and video content for Well Said.

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