Oil & Natural Gas – Fueling Fans

The football season is here and with it comes a reminder that oil and natural gas play a large role in making the game itself possible.

Whether you’re watching from the couch, planning a tailgate with your friends and family, or headed off the big game, oil and natural gas have your football season covered. Whatever your team, they are powered by energy and polymers that keep players safe, stadiums running, and touchdowns coming.

At home, the electricity that keeps your television running might just come from natural gas. The cameras that record players’ every move and allow instant playback at the game’s most intense moments all have components made from oil and natural gas.

In your backyard or at the tailgate, get in the spirit with jerseys, face paint, decorations, and more. Plastic cups and utensils are essential for the perfect game-day cookout with your propane or natural gas grill. Make sure to bring a music player and speakers, plus games to keep everyone entertained. Classic tailgate games like cornhole and ladder golf require plastic components, and even the football tossed around has synthetic fabrics to keep it inflated.

If you’ve scored a ticket to the game, be sure to keep your memento safe in a plastic ticket holder. Don’t forget about the fuel that brings you to the stadium, and that carries players to games around the country!

The cell phones and cameras that capture your memories require oil and gas components, as do the seats you sit on and the souvenir cups you drink from. All around the stadium, polymers keep the game running smoothly and safely, from the players to the coaches to the referees to the fans. All kinds of energy is needed to keep the stadium on, the big screen flashing, and the fans cheering.

Whatever your team, and wherever you celebrate, oil and natural gas make your football season possible. Grab that lucky jersey – made from synthetic fabric like nylon, polyester, and spandex – and your polyurethane foam finger, and get ready to rumble.

Madison Weaver

Madison Weaver is a creative writing and communications double major at Bucknell University. As the external affairs intern at Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation for summer 2018, Madison will be creating blog posts and video content for Well Said.

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