#FF: @PAChamber

This week, we want to highlight the Pennsylvania Chamber’s Twitter account,  @PAChamber, for our #FF. This account joined Twitter in the fall of 2012 and since then, they have been connecting with their followers to offer information that may otherwise have been invisible to them.

The @PAChamber handle presents a very wide range of information on behalf of the Commonwealth. Things are posted about activities such as speaking engagements or meetings with local chamber partners. Tweets also tend to focus on their engagement with state and national initiatives.

@PAChamber doesn’t limit themselves to Twitter only, you can also find them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. One of their strategies for tweeting is trying to drive their followers to visit these other outlets to encourage their followers to interact further.

To get a deeper look into the @PAChamber account, we chatted with the Director of Communications, Lesley Smith. Take a look at her responses below.

Who is the voice behind @PAChamber?

That would be me – Lesley Smith, Director of Communications

Why did you decide to join the Twitterverse?

It is important for us to have a strong online presence to ensure our message is available on as many platforms as possible in order to reach the broadest audience possible. Twitter has allowed us to stay connected to our members who prefer social media interaction and introduce the PA Chamber to a broader reach beyond businesses, lawmakers and the media. Twitter enables us to showcase all facets of the organization beyond media coverage or our various membership publications.

What is the most successful aspect of the account?

I think the diversity of our now 2,400+ followers, and that we are consistently welcoming new followers, shows that we are posting information that is of interest to a wide range of audiences. The PA Chamber is the state’s largest broad-based business advocacy organization, so naturally our members want to stay connected to our Government Affairs team and advocacy work. But as previously noted, there are many facets to the organization.

What is your tweeting strategy?

The goal is to maintain consistent visibility, sharing information of value to our broad audience of followers. We strive to have at least 5 or 6 posts a day, every day, and ensure that we are posting a good mix of “tweets” – from our members’ views on public policy issues of the day to general updates about PA Chamber activity to positive news about our member companies and Pennsylvania’s business community to informative articles from other sources to periodic promotional posts about PA Chamber business compliance and other events.

Our latest #PAChamberevents hashtag is a convenient, quick way to receive news and updates about the PA Chamber’s various legislative issue summits, compliance conferences and other events.

Is there anything else you’d like to add about @PAChamber?

I encourage anyone interested in state and federal public policy issues that impact job creation and economic growth, or who just want to learn more about Pennsylvania business and their contributions to the Commonwealth, to follow the PA Chamber on Twitter.

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