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For this week’s Follow Friday, Cabot spoke with Phil Tabor of @OilIndustryTV:

“The idea behind Oil Industry TV is two-fold. Firstly, I offer the oil and gas industry high-quality video production services. My background is as a professional television producer and director; I feel our team can offer excellent TV production skills to the energy sector. Any programs and videos we produce are posted both to the client’s website and to OilindustryTV.com, so we are very interested in producing our own content.

The second, and I think the most exciting idea behind Oil Industry TV, is to develop our website into the world’s leading online resource for oil and gas industry-related video. We want it to become a site where industry professionals, journalists and anyone interested in the energy sector can catch the latest video news — whether from a news broadcaster or a corporate video. We are also very keen to help attract new talent into the oil and gas industry and regularly post educational and training videos.”


Is there any particular focus of Oil-related content (pricing, backlash, behind the scenes, environmental news, etc), or do you try to focus on as much as possible?

If it’s a video relating to the oil and gas industry, we are interested!

Are you the only person that tweets? Are the posts contributed by anyone else? How did you decide to start tweeting?

As CEO and founder of Oil Industry TV, I am the person responsible for tweeting. Using Twitter allows us to instantly direct our followers to the latest video news from the global oil and gas industry.  I think every forward-thinking company has to take social media seriously. It’s a great means of cost-effective marketing; a way to reach your target audience. For us, it was a no-brainer to start using Twitter.
What do you think is the most interesting aspect of @OilIndustryTV?

I think the instant, direct communication offered by Twitter is the most exciting aspect of @OilIndustryTV. Reaching people who are interested in what you do, with just the click of a mouse, is a great feeling.

How long have you been tweeting?

We launched Oil Industry TV in April last year and started using Twitter immediately.  Originally, it was a way of letting people know we were up and running, in addition for driving traffic to our website.

“I think every forward-thinking company has to take social media seriously. It’s a great means of cost-effective marketing; a way to reach your target audience. For us, it was a no-brainer to start using Twitter.”

-Phil Tabor

How do you find and manage the content that you post on your Twitter?

Every day we keep a keen eye on all of the major news broadcasters from around the world.  These broadcasters produce video content as well as checking in regularly with all of the major oil and gas companies to see if they have any new videos for us. And of course Twitter itself is a great source of content.

Twitter is fantastic for a video-oriented website, as it allows one to easily update their audience with the newest videos.  What else do you hope to get out of the @OilIndustryTV Twitter account?

As we are a newcomer on the oil and gas scene we want to continue to use Twitter to increase the number of people who know about our website, in addition to spreading awareness of our goals.   @OilIndustryTV supplies our followers with the latest energy news, but Twitter has also been a great way to meet like-minded people and companies. Through Twitter, people have been supporting us and offering video content; I would like to continue to develop this very positive aspect.

Where can we go to learn more about OilIndustryTV?

If any of your readers would like to learn more about Oil Industry TV then they can head over to OilIndustryTV.com or drop me an email directly at phil.tabor@oilindustrytv.com.  Oil Industry TV is also fully integrated with Facebook, YouTube and Google+, with our Tweets automatically posted to Facebook.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I’d just like to say thank you very much to Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation and the Well Said Blog for giving me the opportunity of telling your readers about Oil Industry TV!

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