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This week we are going to take a look at the Twitter handle @EnergyDomain that is controlled by Bryan Bassett. @EnergyDomain is part of a larger effort to help people get started in the energy industry. Bryan is a software developer who has been vested in the oil, gas, energy, and water industries for many years.

Bryan also operates a daily news blog and has a separate site that organizes all of his tweets. With all of his internet endeavors, it was a clear that Twitter was the outlet to pull everything together. He uses Twitter as an aggregator for his own uses and to share valuable information with his followers on a professional level.

He’s very good at letting followers know when there is an update on his blog but he also knows when to utilize his followers’ information which is obvious by his active retweeting.

We talked with Bryan to learn more about how he utilizes social media:

When and why did @EnergyDomain decide to join the Twitterverse?

Actually only this year. At first, it was to seek out relevant unconventional and conventional Oil & Gas, and Power Generation industry news. And then it turned into a way to curate energy industries’ content and that I find of interest and think will be of interest to others.

What is the most successful aspect of the handle?

I believe it encompasses my strong interests in the energy industries, both personally and professionally. Professionally, I search for, acquire and market energy industries domain/branding names such as eNaturalGas.com, eNatGas.com, eEthanol.com, NatGasPrices.com, NatGasLocations.com, etc. at one of my business websites: www.GlassySea.comWhat other Social Media outlets do you utilize?

Currently I use only Twitter since, in my experience, there is no better place to stay abreast of global Real-Time industry/business news and events — millions of eyes scanning millions of data resources and sharing the knowledge with each other.

Is there any new tool/feature that you would want to create on Twitter that would better serve the needs of @EnergyDomain?

I would like to see more advanced search functionality of archived data…there is such a wealth of knowledge to be had, shared and researched that is continuing to grow exponentially every day.

Is there anything else you’d like share about @EnergyDomain or eNaturalGas News?

The following recent Tweet pretty much sums up my current view of energy opportunity, not only for the U.S. but globally, and not only Natural Gas but all forms of hydrocarbon energy, conventional and unconventional. Energy is a fascinating industry for now and into the future, greatly affecting global economies and how every person on this planet lives their lives:

“Ignoring ‘Fantastic Opportunity’ of #Gas Is Foolish: @BjornLomborg | @BloombergNews | #NaturalGas | twy.la/VffiMb”

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