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Today’s #FF is for #DennisFarm, which will focus on an event for the Dennis Farm Charitable Land Trust.  Denise Dennis is part of a family who owns a very important piece of Pennsylvanian and African American History — the Dennis-Perkins Farm.  On the evening of Tuesday, February 26th at the African American Museum in Philadelphia, Denise Dennis and Wade P. Catts, an archaeologist, will tell their stories and experiences with the farm.

We’ve been featuring posts on the Dennis Farm including Part I and Part II of a Q&A with Denise Dennis, but we’d like to take this chance to introduce you to Wade Catts and all of his great work with the Dennis Farm.  Catts has been practicing archaeology for over thirty years and this includes:

  • Historical research
  • Archaeological investigations and
  • Cultural resource management

Wade graduated with a Bachelor’s in Anthropology/History from the University of Delaware; part of his expertise is in excavating and investigating African American archaeology.  Wade has conducted in-depth excavations at the African Burial Ground National Landmark in New York City and the First African Baptist Church cemetery in Philadelphia.

For his experience and his understanding of African American archaeology, Wade was selected as the lead consultant in preserving the Dennis-Perkins farm.  The project involved an excavation of the Perkins-Dennis farm, discovering lost artifacts from the family collection and comparing the official records (such as deeds and census) to the oral traditions from the family.  Once the history was uncovered and compiled, then the effort to preserve the farm for future generations began.

If you are interested in learning more about the Perkins-Dennis Farm, you can read more here and type #DennisFarm into Twitter on Tuesday night for live updates from the event.

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