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Recently we posted an article about the national one-call number 811 and stressed the importance of figuring out where utility lines are before you start to dig. Today we are going to focus a little more on how they are spreading the word through Twitter. 

For a little refresher, the Common Ground Alliance is a group of members and stakeholders who share the need to ensure public safety, environmental protection and the integrity of services by promoting effective damage prevent practices. One of the ways they are staying true to their promises is their implementation of the “Call Before You Dig” campaign which hit the ground in May 2007.

Soon after the implementation, they decided to broaden their reach and take on the Twitterverse under the handle @CGAConnect. They keep their followers up to date with newly published reports, holidays, events and even sweepstakes that deal with the cause.

They also interact with their followers when they mention the 811 campaign. For example, Marco’s Pizza tweeted that they were going to offer large 1-topping pizzas for $8.11 every Monday in April because it is national Call 811 Before You Dig Month.

Khrysanne Kerr,Vice President of Communications and Marketing at the Common Ground Alliance, answered our questions about the Twitter account.

Who is the voice behind @CGAConnect? (Who decides what and when to tweet?)
Staff and our contracted PR Firm typically post Tweets.

What made you want to bring the Common Ground Alliance to the Twitterverse?
CGA is a small four-person organization.  Our social media strategy needed to reflect our ability to manage it.  Therefore, Twitter and Facebook are the only social media strategies that have been deployed.

When did you decide make the move to join Twitter?
We decided it would be a great avenue for us because offered us the ability to have seamless message posting.

How do you decide what to Tweet and Retweet?
CGA attempts to manage audience engagement by Tweeting timely and relative content.

What has been the most successful aspect of joining Twitter?
The ability to communicate timely information instantaneously.

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