Calculators as a Helpful Energy Tool

Natural gas is domestic, clean burning, and in the case of Pennsylvania a very local fuel. Compared to wood or oil burning methods, natural gas burns much cleaner with less CO2 emissions. Natural gas in many cases proves to be the cheaper option. For those people who are visual learners, or simply more number oriented, there are some helpful resources that help compare natural gas to other energy sources.

Natural Gas Calculators

Many distribution companies and energy organizations have developed calculator tools to help consumers calculate and compare natural gas usage and price. The following are some calculators we experimented with. Not all these companies service the same areas but any of these tools are a good way to get a general idea about natural gas service.

Peoples Gas offers an appliance specific calculator that allows you to see exactly how many BTUs/hr of gas you will need based on your usage and monthly and yearly costs associated with your use.  This system does not compare natural gas prices with other energy sources. This calculator is best for someone who is looking into a specific appliance or interested in the breakdown of their bill appliance by appliance.


Is a company that operates primarily in Pennsylvania, and recently expanded their operations in Wayne County. They offer a calculator that focusses on comparing your current systems to new natural gas energy systems. This calculator is more question based and once all the questions are completed you get a chart comparing rates for each appliance with your current energy source vs. natural gas.



PECO is a company based in Philadelphia who service about 500,000 natural gas customers. Their website boasts a variety of different energy calculators that are each tailored to a different aspect of home energy use. A few to focus on when considering natural gas are the, heating comparison, gas heat conversion, and heater efficiency. The heater efficiency tool, in particular, compares the different types of natural gas heating
systems based on efficiency, home size, and average heat setting.


These companies, along with others, have created a useful resource that allows consumers to see the advantages of natural gas for themselves.

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