Cabot Grilling Guide: Natural Gas Grill vs. Propane Grill

Welcome back to our grilling series!

With all of the great grilling going on, it’s easy to forget that not all grills are the same. There are different styles, different finishes, but one of the biggest differences can be the fuel that the grill uses. The two most popular types of grills are propane and natural gas grills.  Have you ever been curious about the differences between the two?

Both types of grills have their pros and cons but it’s unanimous here at Cabot, we prefer natural gas grills! The cleaner burn and not having to fill up a propane tank ever again were big selling points for us. Next BBQ we hope you can impress the crowd with these great grill facts.

Enjoy the sunshine

Look for our next upcoming post to celebrate national grilling month!

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