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Paying our “fair share”

It’s budget season in Pennsylvania which inevitably means two things will happen: There will be some sort of budget shortfall our elected officials need to work through – right now estimated to be around $3 billion Newspapers will suddenly be filled with letters to the editor and columns and op-eds proclaiming “the natural gas industry doesn’t pay their fair share” which tends to be followed by “Pennsylvania is the only state without a severance tax” I’m already seeing some Groundhog Day familiarity already across the newspaper headlines in this Commonwealth. I’m going to ask the Well Said readership for some…

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A decade in the Marcellus

Earlier this month we announced something pretty incredible: since beginning operations in Susquehanna County, Cabot has paid its landowners more than $1 billion in royalties. And that figure doesn't even include the nearly $500 million paid out in signing bonuses for their leases. For our latest WNEP Power to Save segment, we took a deeper look at what has been accomplished in ten years and to celebrate these milestones with the community. Donna Williams, a farmer and Cabot landowner, shares her story of what the natural gas development on their property has meant to her and her family. Not only…

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U.S. Energy Consumption Projections Through 2040

U.S. energy consumption projections through 2040

Today we're taking a look at the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s 2017 Annual Energy Outlook. In addition to a look through the year 2040, we can also see trends from 1980 until present day. In the Energy Outlook, we get a glimpse of the history of our nation’s energy consumption as well as a prediction for upcoming decades all the way up to 2040. The United States energy consumption is expected to remain somewhat flat in terms of growth. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), overall energy consumption is expected to rise 5% from 2016 to 2040. While energy…

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