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Pa.’s Impact Tax an Effective, Winning Policy

The following is a post from the Marcellus Shale Coalition published on July 21, 2017. - - - - - - Summertime – it’s the season for baseball, cookouts, and, unfortunately, for some lawmakers to renew tired calls for a massive, job-crushing energy tax increase. Despite the clear fact that Pennsylvania’s impact fee – our tax on natural gas, which has generated $1.2 billion in new revenue – is working, some in Harrisburg continue to be preoccupied over the false promise of energy tax increases. In a letter to leaders in Harrisburg, MSC president Dave Spigelmyer reinforced the fact that Pennsylvania’s “one-of-a-kind” tax was the…

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Paying our “fair share”

It’s budget season in Pennsylvania which inevitably means two things will happen: There will be some sort of budget shortfall our elected officials need to work through – right now estimated to be around $3 billion Newspapers will suddenly be filled with letters to the editor and columns and op-eds proclaiming “the natural gas industry doesn’t pay their fair share” which tends to be followed by “Pennsylvania is the only state without a severance tax” I’m already seeing some Groundhog Day familiarity already across the newspaper headlines in this Commonwealth. I’m going to ask the Well Said readership for some…

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A decade in the Marcellus

Earlier this month we announced something pretty incredible: since beginning operations in Susquehanna County, Cabot has paid its landowners more than $1 billion in royalties. And that figure doesn't even include the nearly $500 million paid out in signing bonuses for their leases. For our latest WNEP Power to Save segment, we took a deeper look at what has been accomplished in ten years and to celebrate these milestones with the community. Donna Williams, a farmer and Cabot landowner, shares her story of what the natural gas development on their property has meant to her and her family. Not only…

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