Fill A Glass With Hope Kickoff Event

Fill a Glass with Hope Kickoff Event

At the end of last year, Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation funded a new program in Susquehanna County called Fill a Glass with Hope. Fill a Glass with Hope is a partnership formed among Feeding Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association, Mid-Atlantic Dairy (now American Dairy Association North East), the Pennsylvania Dairy Promotion Program, agriculture partners, and business leaders that provide fresh milk to Pennsylvania families in need through Feeding Pennsylvania’s network of food banks. Cabot’s funding assists the Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Northeast Regional Food Bank purchase and delivers enough fresh milk to Susquehanna County to support dozens of families. During…

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The Stone Cold Reality: Oil And Natural Gas Fuel Our Lives

The stone cold reality: oil and natural gas fuel our lives

Last year the lovely folks over at the Western Energy Alliance sent me a stack of stickers with a message that really hits home as Pennsylvania prepares for the coldest weather so far this season: After we posted George’s recent op-ed about just how much Pennsylvanians are saving thanks to natural gas, we got a few of the inevitable comments along the lines of: We should be using all renewables. There seems to be a poor understanding as to what could/should/might someday be and what actually is. Here’s the stone cold reality: oil and natural gas fuel our lives. It…

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A Pipeline To Savings For All

A pipeline to savings for all

The following is a column by George Stark which has appeared in numerous newspapers across Pennsylvania discussing the benefits of natural gas infrastructure including savings for all Pennsylvanians. ------ Residents across Pennsylvania take comfort. If you use natural gas or electricity (increasingly fueled by natural gas) for heating, cooking and everyday uses, Pennsylvania’s natural gas producers are ready for this upcoming winter. At Cabot, we produce over 1.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas every day from Pennsylvania’s vast shale supplies. Cabot’s development in Northeastern Pennsylvania helped the commonwealth become the country’s second-largest natural gas producing state in 2015, as Pennsylvania’s…

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