A look into Cabot’s past with “The Flame”

Just In Fun

This week we decided to feature an old Flame tradition. At the end of every issue they included a jokes page that featured funny sayings or cartoons.  In the earlier editions this was called, “Just In Fun.” Many of the jokes are actually mini dialogues.

August, 1952Boss: “I suppose you wish I were dead so you could spit on my grave?”Employee: “Not me I hate to stand in line.”July, 1952Teacher: “Harold, what are the three great American parties?”Harold: “Republican, Democrat, and cocktail.”May, 1952

Bandaged-covered Joe lay in the hospital bed and spoke dazedly to his visiting pal:

“Wh-What happened?”“You absorbed too much last night and then made a bet you could fly out the window and around the block.”“Why didn’t you stop me?”“Stop you. I had $25 on you.”

“Just in Fun,” then evolved into “Bits of Wisdom and Witticism,” which must have been a hit because it became a monthly occurrence throughout the rest of the 50s and 60s.

January, 1961“Every week for the past two years my mailman has delivered 50 pounds of muscle-building equipment to me.”“And now?” “Now I have the world’s most perfectly developed mailman.”February, 1956 (Drunk driving awareness before DUIs existed)

The driver is safer when the roads are dry. The roads are safer when the driver is dry.

Still, science had a little catching up to do…

October, 1955Irate father: “I sacrifice everything I have so you could study medicine and now that you’re a doctor you tell me I have to give up smoking!”January, 1959Boy scowling at report card: “Of course I seem stupid to my teacher. She’s a college graduate.”September, 1960Modern music is the kind that is played so fast you can’t tell what classical composer it was stolen from. 

Old Flames

We’ll be bringing you more from the old Flames, thanks to Phil Hill for letting us borrow these pieces of history. Here are some covers from over the years, take a look at the dates!

Throwback: How They Made The Flame
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