The Dividing Line: PA vs. NY Natural Gas Economics

Millions of families and businesses across the Northeast are facing rising energy costs due to the region’s insufficient energy infrastructure, and policies being pursued by some elected officials such as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are dangerously close to creating an energy crisis in the region affected by some of the coldest weather each winter.

To that end, we feel it is necessary to bring back the Pennsylvania Manufacturer Association’s (PMA) well-done PMA Perspective video.

The 28 minute video produced by PMA and entitled “The Dividing Line: PA vs. NY Natural Gas Economics” features their trip to the Southern Tier of New York, and Susquehanna County in Pennsylvania, to explore the difference between the two economies – one that embraces shale gas drilling and the other with an imposed moratorium on drilling.

Included are interviews with industry experts, natural gas employees, and everyday citizens who want more economic opportunities.

PMA is the nonprofit, statewide trade organization representing the manufacturing sector in Pennsylvania’s public policy process. You can follow PMA’s activities on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn. PMA Perspective airs on PCN on Sundays at 5:30 p.m.


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Kelsey Mulac

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