New Video: EMHS Campaign Recap

One of the projects that we are most proud to have been involved in this year is the new hospital construction by Endless Mountains Health Systems which was aided by the Cabot/EMHS Community Match Fund.

It all started with a $1 million leadership donation from Cabot. Soon after, the Community Match Fund was established and Cabot pledged to match all donations from the community up to an additional $1 million.

In just four months, the community rallied to blow past the $1 million fundraising goal towards the construction of the physician’s clinic. The final total was $1.2 million, which Cabot then matched in full. The Weinberg Foundation also contributed a $1 million grant towards the clinic due to the impressive fundraising by the community.

Altogether, $4.4 million was raised by the community, the Weinberg Foundation and Cabot which left the physician’s clinic completely funded.

We’ve put together a video looking back at this major accomplishment:

Again, thank you to all of the individuals and businesses that were involved in this amazing campaign.

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