Cabot named Susquehanna County Business of the Year

Today’s post was written by George Stark, Director of External Affairs for Cabot.

Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation was honored this year by being named the 2012 Business of the Year by the Susquehanna County Economic Development Board.

I had the privilege to accept the award on behave of the company at the Annual Meeting. In my remarks I mentioned how proud I was and excited to be in good company; the past two years’ winners were Adam Diaz and Bill Kelley.

My statements reflected what I thought we all shared – a focus on making the region better one job at a time.

When I outline how Cabot is focused on such efforts, I think of our direct impact on jobs, attracting additional industry and the overall growth of the region.

Examples include the adding over 100 new jobs at GasSerach Drilling Services, which are nearly all from Susquehanna County, attracting all the personnel to help build the necessary infrastructure to move the gas to market and the overall expansion of businesses to service and support a growing area like insurance, financial and accounting.

Another area of focus is on community development and given the timing, the new medical facility at EMHS is by far the most outstanding example. In partnership with industry, area businesses and local community leaders, together we were able to raise $4.4M in 4 months!  I get excited when I think of how we are collectively going to aid the community with the ability to utilize, Marcellus Shale gas locally.  We have moved to convert our trucks, built a CNG station and now await further uses, like the new hospital, locally.

Education is an area of focus for Cabot, and the other members of the Susquehanna Co. Economic Development Board. We are committed to investing $100,000 into scholarships at the SCCTC, we are working with Keystone College and Lackawanna College to ensure their curriculum is designed to offer the most well-rounded technically ready student upon graduation.  Additionally, we are working with other academic intuitions towards a future of sustainability, not just from excellence in exploration and production, by in utilization and job creation locally due to the presence of Marcellus Shale.

Lastly, we are well aware of the environmental benefits of the production of natural gas with helping to clean the air and lower emissions.  We are focused on recycling and reuse and ultimately the most sustainable model to produce the gas while reducing our carbon footprint.  Whether during drilling, production or use, we have our eye on creating a better environment as a result of Marcellus Shale.

These are the areas Cabot has in common with the other Business of the Year winners and we stand ready to help this region move forward; from our CEO to our newest hire.

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