Meet “The Intern” – Kelsie Augustin

Hello everyone! My name is Kelsie Augustin and I am the new External Affairs Intern for the Fall of 2014! I am very excited to be joining the Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation team and even more excited to be writing my first post for Well Said! When I first heard about this position, they warned me that it would be very independent and require a lot of work. To some, this is daunting, but to me, this meant that I was at the start of an exciting adventure and had the chance to learn a lot from some very smart (and very nice!) people.

Now that I’m in the middle of my first week here, I can see that my first impression of Cabot was right! In my first day, I took a whirlwind office tour, met more smart, interesting people in twenty minutes than I thought possible, got set up in my first ever office and had my first experience with the joy that is a full service coffee machine.

Now for a little bit about me…

I am a Junior at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA. I am working towards a B.S. in Business Management but I have a very strong interest in Finance and Economics, too. At Chatham I am a member of the squash team, Business & Entrepreneurship Club, am in the process of founding Chatham’s first Finance club and can always be found in the gym either biking or lifting weights.

On campus, I have worked in the Office of Admissions and the Office of International Affairs. Both of these positions have taught how to create effective social media content, how to respond to people’s inquiries efficiently, how to create marketing materials and most importantly: organizational skills. You’ll quickly be fired in International Affairs if you get into the habit of misplacing people’s passports!

While I don’t know much about the oil and gas industry, my life experiences and family have filled me with curiosity towards the unknown and a joy for working hard and accomplishing great things. From my dad, I’ve learned the value of motivation and to never underestimate myself. As a dentist, he knows and has taught me that it is paying attention to the smallest details that others overlook that sets you apart. From my mom, I’ve learned the value of creativity and exploring all the opportunities that life offers. As a therapist and world traveler, she’s taught me that it is when you are unafraid to delve into the unknown that wonderful things start happening.

All in all, I am very excited to be joining the Cabot Oil & Gas team under George and Brittany. I can’t wait to put my own spin on the wonderful work done by the previous interns. In spreading the word the work Cabot does, I want to take you readers on this learning journey with me as we both learn more about the oil & gas industry together. Let’s start right now!

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Kelsie Augustin

Kelsie Augustin grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and Boardman, Ohio. She is studying Business Management at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA. She is currently the External Affairs Intern at Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation where she works event planning, content creating, and writing up business communications.

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