Keeping our Landscape Beautiful

Earth Day is right around the corner. By now, you should have all heard about the upcoming Earth Day Clean Up on April 22, and we hope you all have something awesome planned for the day. In the meantime, I want to celebrate the opportunities we have to get out in nature here in northeastern Pennsylvania.

If you’re living and working in NEPA, I’m willing to bet that you love the outdoors. And you’re not alone on that. Whether I’m in the field on the job, spending time out with my wife and daughter in the park, or shooting sporting clays, the outdoors is where I love to be, too.  

For all you farmers, hunters, and fishermen out there, Cabot is here to make sure the NEPA landscape remains beautiful and usable for all types of recreational activities. Charles Litwin, Mayor of Nicholson Borough and a good friend of mine, is an avid fisherman in Wyoming County. He claims that one of the best spots to fish is actually right behind Cabot’s water withdrawal.

NEPA also boasts a rich hunting landscape, with plenty of forest in the area. Local hunters Cory Sprout and Michael Bakaysa can vouch for this:

Our landowners have also seen a vast improvement in the wildlife on their property. Here’s what Dale Howell has experienced on his land since Cabot’s involvement:

The wildlife in NEPA is thriving, and we plan to keep it that way, and even improve it. Through partnerships such as the Countryside Conservancy and Discover NEPA, we can pursue this goal by constantly improving our environmental standards. 

Bill desRosiers

Raised in Highland Falls, New York, William desRosiers learned about responsible resource development, firsthand, as a part of his family's mining business. William received his B.S. in Management, History and MBA from Misericordia University. He currently serves in External Affairs for Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation. His primary responsibilities include strengthening media relationships, managing company-run fundraising programs, building better community relations and representing Cabot every chance he has.

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