Keeping Our Community Safe

As an industry leader, Cabot places a high value on conducting our business with respect and care for people and the environment and keeping safety at the forefront of our operations. Exemplary safety performance is an integral part of Cabot’s business plan and contributes to our goal of promoting the safety, security and well-being of local community members, while also maintaining the quality of the environment where we work. In addition to the safety of our employees & contractors, Cabot makes the safety of the community paramount.

Many of the risks associated with oil and natural gas operations can be effectively managed through process safety controls and emergency response planning. These risk management tools are in place to protect the safety of all personnel and the communities in which we operate.

Process Safety

Process safety controls focus on potential hazards that present significant risk and could result in unplanned releases, fires or explosions. Cabot has automated most well pads and equipped them with remote monitoring and shutdown capability, to enhance the information available to operations. These safety features provide our operators access to real-time facility data, improve production reliability, and minimizes event response time.

Emergency Response

Cabot has comprehensive emergency response plans in place for all areas of operations. Our response plans are designed in accordance with the Incident Command System (ICS), a component of the National Incident Management System (NIMS), adopted by all levels of government as well as many private sector companies. Two examples of emergency response plans in place for our operations are our Integrated Contingency Plan (ICP) and Emergency Response Plan (ERP). The primary purpose of these plans is to establish a response that is efficient, coordinated and effective while delivering the necessary protection to all personnel, the community and the environment in which we work. Cabot also conducts training and drills on a regular basis with our personnel and third-party emergency responders to ensure the readiness and preparedness of response personnel.

In certain operating areas and under conditions that may present unique potential hazards or risks, Cabot provides third-party Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) teams on site. Such teams are immediately available to provide services in emergency situations.

Overall, Cabot is committed to maintaining a safe environment for the community, the environment and our workforce, as we responsibly develop oil and natural gas that will fuel our economy and modern life.

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Kelsey Mulac

Kelsey was raised in Indiana, Pennsylvania and attended The Pennsylvania State University where she earned a degree in Communications. Kelsey works as the External Affairs Coordinator at Cabot where she manages external communications, including social media and community outreach projects. Prior to starting her full-time position, Kelsey worked as a summer intern for Cabot while attending Penn State.

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