Learning about energy with Junior Achievement

Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation continues its dedication to our community through its partnership with Junior Achievement of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Along with other companies in the energy sector, Cabot provided information that created the Careers in Energy program to help expose high school students to the many different, literally thousands of career opportunities in the energy industry. The program also discusses how these energy sources are moved to markets through power lines and pipelines into homes or businesses for use. Junior Achievement is a nonprofit that works to prepare middle and high schoolers to eventually enter the workforce. By working together, we aim to help school-aged children learn about all of the possible careers in the energy industry across the country, and the world.


Careers in Energy

The Careers in Energy program is divided into seven sessions. Each session has a different focus including natural gas, petroleum, nuclear, solar, coal and wind. Keeping with the core values found in every Junior Achievement program, students also learn different soft skills that are necessary for life as an adult such as how to write an effective resume, the value of saving money, and how to understand work supply chains.

Junior Achievement Activities

This program teaches through the use of interactive activities, workbooks, and public speakers. For example, one exercise in the book gives a description of each type of energy and then has students match the energy type to different work scenarios. Another task describes the kinds of responsibilities that certain energy jobs include. Students then match the job with the responsibility. So if the task description is “plans and conducts field studies, surveys, sample collection and drilling” the answer would then be matched to the position of the “geologist.” In showing students the wide range of careers they could potentially do, this partnership lets them explore jobs that they might not have known existed.

Below is an example of one of the activities that students complete as part of the program.

Building the Future

In the Northeastern Pennsylvania region, Junior Achievement directly impacts over 10,000 students.  While conducting youth programs is always beneficial to the community, Junior Achievement’s success is in boosting the preparedness of students for the real world. Below is a chart from the Worldwide Institute for Research and Evaluation that shows how student’s attitudes towards continued education changes after taking part in Junior Achievement programs.

This chart shows how the attitude of students who attended Junior Achievement programs compared to those who have not taking any kind of Junior Achievement program

Cabot and Junior Achievement

Cabot’s partnership with Junior Achievement is helping to bring extraordinarily relevant information to the children of northeastern Pennsylvania. By educating them on the opportunities in the field, we are ensuring that they know about the growth of the energy industry and will be able to capitalize on these opportunities when the time comes.

According to post-program evaluations, 92% of Junior Achievement alumni have said that they could “successfully compete in a business environment” while only 45% of non-Junior Achievement students reported the same. By readying them for the future, we can improve their lives, fill more positions in the industry, and help bridge the skills gap that the energy industry currently faces.

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Kelsie Augustin grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and Boardman, Ohio. She is studying Business Management at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA. She is currently the External Affairs Intern at Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation where she works event planning, content creating, and writing up business communications.

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