Happy Farm Workers Day

June 14 is Farm Workers Day, and we’d like to take a moment to appreciate all the farmers and landowners who have leased their land for the production of safe, clean energy. Farmers are vital to local communities, and we work with them to utilize land safely, effectively, and efficiently for all.

In this throwback video, we’d like to introduce you to Donna, a farm owner and President of Susquehanna County Farm Bureau. Donna and her son have benefited from Cabot Oil & Gas’s work on their property and in their communities. They find the pipeline and tank pad on their property non-disruptive, and hope to keep the well pad on their property in the future to safety store their equipment and hay bales.

Donna enjoys the informative and transparent nature of natural gas and drilling education in the area for landowners. Thanks to the economic boost from Cabot, her sons have been able to purchase new equipment and the family has seen their community grow. Check it out!

Madison Weaver

Madison Weaver is a creative writing and communications double major at Bucknell University. As the external affairs intern at Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation for summer 2018, Madison will be creating blog posts and video content for Well Said.

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