Drilling Down: Women Of The Marcellus

Drilling Down: Women of the Marcellus

As an employee in the oil and gas industry, I am very aware of the stereotypes of the "roughnecks, truck drivers and ditch diggers" that are often used to blanket the types of jobs available and the types of individuals who do them.

Meet The Cabot Crew: James Edwards

Meet the Cabot Crew: James Edwards

James, or Jim as he prefers to be called, has been with Cabot for nearly two years and is responsible for managing the hydraulic fracturing operations in Susquehanna County and elsewhere in the North Region.

#FF Feature: @MarcellusDN

This is the first post in our new #FF Feature series that will appear every Friday and highlight why we think that you should follow one of our favorite Twitter users. With the amount of prolific users out there this could take some time...which is excellent news for you!

Five Great Ways to Go Green

Hopefully by now you can see that being eco-friendly is not difficult. By incorporating ideas like these into your everyday routine can really help make a difference in your life, community and world.