Winner, winner: Check out the results from the 2014 Cabot Fall Classic

Last Friday 300 participants came to Friendsville, Pennsylvania for the 2014 Cabot Fall Classic Tourney benefiting the Lackawanna College School of Petroleum & Natural Gas. We’re still tallying the proceeds, but a preliminary count shows $170,000 raised from the Fall Mixer Thursday night and from the tournament on Friday, shattering our goal of $100,000.

We’d like to take the time to thank each and every person who came out to Hausmann’s Hidden Hollow Sporting Clays last week – including the owners, Ernie and Helen Hausmann and their family who worked hard all day making sure everything was running smoothly.

We also had a small army of Lackawanna College students present throughout the day helping with everything from running the raffles to cooking lunch alongside Baker Hughes to restocking ammo. They did a wonderful job and the tournament could not have happened without their hard work.

And finally, thank you to all of our great sponsors!

With 300 people and 60 teams, you can imagine that we had some great shots with us for the tournament. We are proud to announce the following winners of our tournament. Winners can reach out to us via email – all trophies will be mailed as soon as possible.

Erik Flowback Services Course 1Top Team – Tioga Environmental: Shawn, Paul, Spitzer and Becca

Top Male Shooter – Chris A. from team Rain for Rent

Top Female Shooter – Kelly with Erik Flowback Service

Somerset Regional Water Resources Course 2Top Team – McJunkin Redman: Mike, Bill, Joe, Shawn, Chuck

Top Male Shooter – John Connolly from team Cleveland Brothers

Top Female Shooter – Kelly with Erik Flowback Service

GasSearch Drilling Services Course 3Top Team – United Drilling: Tom, Andy, Bill, Tyler, Keith

Top Male Shooter – Jerry from team Shea Demo

Top Female Shooter – Luanne White from team GDS

We also had tons of great raffle prizes available – check below to see if you won!

Trip to the Bahamas Clint & Katelyn Harris
Team for 2015 Shoot Rob McNair
The Super Black Eagle II Shotgun Kathleen Panfini
The Super Black Eagle II Shotgun Gordon Ganaway
European Bird Gun Robert Heed
Citori Shotgun Steve Tito
Cabela’s Gift Card Bill Haney
Cabela’s Gift Card Carlton Walls
Cabela’s Gift Card Shelly Alexander
Handcrafted Gun Cabinet Mark Volk
Shadowbrook Golf Package Mark Alvarez
Shadowbrook Golf Package Jeff Vanesko
Sporting Clays Package (Lehigh Valley) Bridget Lombardo
Sporting Clays Package (Lehigh Valley) Mike Fifth
Engraved Shotshell Bag Rick Biery
Sporting Clays Kit Matt Willis
Crew Neck & Parka Tom Ford