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Video Tuesday: Where Does PA Impact Fee Money Go?

Video Tuesday: Where does PA Impact Fee money go?

As a follow up to yesterday’s post about the proposed severance tax for Pennsylvania, this video Tuesday offers a look at what the current Impact Fee revenues have done for Pennsylvania communities. This Power to Save video highlights two projects in specific that were made possible after Act 13.

An important nuance of Act 13 is that it stipulates where exactly the revenue will go. The fee is placed on the oil and gas companies and a significant portion is returned directly to the areas where oil and gas industries are most prevalent. It is clear, as this video points out, where exactly this money is being spent and how it helps these communities.

Below are breakdowns of impact fee distribution and spending. Click to enlarge the image.

Impact Fee distribution
Via Pennsylvania Utility Commission
chart 1
PA residents weigh in: New jobs vs. Taxes
A look at what a Severance Tax could mean for PA

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