Video Tuesday: Think About Energy Briefing

Last month UGI Utilities and America’s Natural Gas Alliance hosted events called “Think About Energy Briefing” in Luzerne County and Lancaster, PA. They hosted local business leaders and discussed the money saving opportunities of natural gas. When businesses are able to cut energy costs they can expand their work force and operations which promotes community growth.

Expansion of Natural Gas Service

Companies like UGI are expanding their reach to Northeast PA both in residential and commercial service, mostly due to the ample savings opportunities available in the area. Companies who choose to switch to natural gas service can see a savings of $12,000 a year on overall energy costs. UGI and ANGA suggest that business owners looking to switch should compare their current service to natural gas and get a savings estimate from their provider.

WBRE’s Generations of Energy covered the event back in June. Here is their coverage of the event.

Companies who are saving

During the June event business leaders who have seen savings after switching to natural gas service spoke on a panel about their experience after the change. UGI released the following testimonies on their company website after the event.

  • Glenn Weaver, Chief Financial Officer of Shady Maple Companies said the significant savings and payback were just too good to pass up. The company saves nearly $220,000 each year since converting in 2012.
  • Bob Edwards, Energy Program Specialist for the PA Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) in Fort Indiantown Gap, said that switching to natural gas heating reduced energy costs by 45%.
  • Rick Bunn of Advanced Clean Energy Solutions discussed how compressed natural gas (CNG) is yielding tremendous savings in transportation. Advanced Clean Energy Solutions operates the CNG New Holland public filling station, the first station in Lancaster County.
Video Tuesday: Fueling the Future with Natural Gas
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