Susquehanna County is open for business

Five years ago there wasn’t a home or business in Susquehanna County that was burning natural gas.

Now, Leatherstocking Gas Company has made major progress in building out natural gas infrastructure in Susquehanna County to homes, businesses and nonprofit organizations which is helping to lower energy costs and attract new businesses to the area.

At an event last December, John Cherundolo, the first residential natural gas customer in the county, shared his story and excitement at seeing a return on his investment in just 15 months by switching his home appliances from propane.

More than just homes

In the below video, you’ll hear from Alan Hall, Susquehanna County Commissioner on how the newly built natural gas infrastructure is ready to welcome new businesses while providing savings to those already there. Andre & Son and Diaz Manufacturing are two businesses that are booming in the area and both have continued to expand their footprint – and their workforce – in the county.

The supply of natural gas to the region is set – the wells in Susquehanna County produce 25% of all of the Marcellus Shale natural gas produced in Pennsylvania. With continued expansion of the infrastructure to bring this clean burning, affordable energy source to more homes and businesses, the county is primed to continue to attract new businesses.

Click below to see the full segment from WNEP.

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