Power to Save December 2013: Natural Gas and Business

Power to Save is back this week with a brand new video on natural gas and business.

Due to the rise of natural gas, businesses all around the country are booming. Natural gas companies continue to provide well-paying jobs to millions of Americans.

While overall employment dropped this year, the oil and gas industry saw big gains with the Marcellus employing 28,155 Pennsylvanians as of early 2013; not to mention, nearly 90 percent of job growth in Pennsylvania between 2005 and 2013 came directly from the oil and gas industry.

Natural gas is proving to be a success and it is providing opportunity and prosperity across the entire state of Pennsylvania.


Last week WNEP’s power to save released a segment that focused on the booming industry of natural gas, and how it affects local businesses in Susquehanna County.

Our very own George Stark discusses how Cabot is fostering economic prosperity through many different business partnerships in the area. There are several companies we here at Cabot are working very closely with including; Linde Corporation, Rain for Rent, Gas Search Drilling Services, and Erick Flowback Services.

These companies have been able to expand their business thanks to increased activity in the Marcellus. More and more jobs have become available to people living in northeastern PA and they are rapidly filling these positions, which will only help the community grow for years to come.

To give you an example, in 2009 Erick Flowback Services moved its small business of 15 people from Oklahoma to Pennsylvania, and since partnering with Cabot, they have grown to 104 people strong with 85% of those employees coming from local communities.

Linde Corporation has also experienced growth, in 2009 the company generated $7 million dollars in Marcellus business, and a mere two years later their revenue increased to $54 million. Not to mention their employment rose from 188 people in 2009 to 335 people in 2011.

Rain for Rent has also benefited from the boom in natural gas, they are the company that supplies tanks, pumps, and pipes to Cabot’s drilling operations, and of their 60 employees, only two of them are from out of town.

Watch the segment below for a look at how these businesses continue to grow in northeastern PA and beyond.

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