The outdoor classroom at Lackawanna College School of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

Video Tuesday: Lackawanna College Outdoor Lab

This week’s video Tuesday features another segment from WNEP’s Power to Save. This time the focus is on the Lackawanna College School of Petroleum & Natural Gas outdoor lab. This recent addition to the Lackawanna program shows the industry’s investment in hands-on experience for the future workforce.


It took a series of donations from various companies across the industry to make this lab possible. The outdoor lab was constructed entirely from current industry equipment that was donated by these companies. The contributors included, Baker Hughes, MRC Global, DTE Energy, Cameron Welding, Cactus Wellhead, Williams, Weir Seaboard and Linde Corp whose donations totaled around $40,000 in services.

Industry Investment

The kind of investment that companies made with this outdoor lab at Lackawanna College is an example of not only the industry’s investment in education but its investment in Pennsylvania. By putting something as important as this outdoor lab right in the heart of the Shale development these companies are not only investing in the local community but ensuring that the future workforce will come directly from Pennsylvania and the surrounding communities.

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