Partnership with the Dennis Farm

Post contributed by George Stark – Director, External Affairs

As part of my role and responsibilities at Cabot, I get the opportunity to meet several interesting and significant people. Last week, I had the privilege of meeting with General Gould, last year I began working closely with Endless Mountains Health Systems CEO Rex Catlin and for a while now I’ve been meeting with the fire chief in Springville, Pennsylvania.

In addition to these great relationships I am currently working with Madame Denise Dennis, trustee of the Dennis Farm Charitable Land Trust, and one of most noted people I have ever had the chance to partner with. Ms. Dennis is a woman of grace and proud historical heritage.

Ms. Dennis is a member of a family with DEEP Roots in Susquehanna County. Her family can trace their heritage and freedom to Brooklyn Township before the Revolutionary War – before we were even a Commonwealth. There are few, if any, individuals who are able to show such a clear link to their ancestors as Ms. Dennis can.

In addition to her amazing sense of heritage, speaking for only a brief time with Ms. Dennis reveals just how sophisticated and well-read she is. In fact, she is known for her outspokenness and desire to fully investigate matters throughout her community. Almost immediately, I realized how much I would enjoy working with her as she pushed to learn as much as possible about the industry, operations and history of Cabot. Like most folks around the region, she had read several Internet accounts of drilling and exploration, including a few specific accounts of drilling in Susquehanna County. What she had not been provided, however, was the opportunity to learn firsthand how the industry conducts itself.

As we spoke over the phone to set up face to face meetings, it became obvious that I was not going to be the only one offering an education. I quickly learned that I would have a personal learning experience second to none.

While Ms. Dennis was very curious to hear about water testing, drilling, cementing and casing she was also very proud of her family’s homestead. She impressed upon me the bond she has to the land, the obligation she has to her forefathers and the legacy she wishes to leave for future generations. So while I offered insight and an understanding of how we operate, it quickly become clear she wanted as much information on the history of Cabot, our culture and management practices.

Once she had a firm understanding of how our industry and Cabot specifically handles its operations in an environmentally sensitive manner, plans were made to have Ms. Dennis meet with our CEO, Dan Dinges, who had expressed an interest in learning more about the cultural significance of the Dennis Farm Charitable Land Trust.

It was at this meeting that both Cabot and Ms. Dennis fully understood the importance of the land and how both sides would respect it. After this meeting, steps were taken to finalize a lease for her homestead.

As we move to develop our drilling plan for the land around the Dennis Farm, we will post additional blogs on how the operations are proceeding.

Ms. Dennis has also agreed to provide her own wisdom on the historic nature of the Dennis Farm, on the educational process she undertook to better understand the industry and some insight into her partnership with Cabot.

We believe that Ms. Dennis has a unique and wonderful story to share about her heritage and just what makes the Dennis Farm Charitable Land Trust such an amazing acreage of land. And so, we have invited her to this forum to express her full and firm views on her dealings and partnership with Cabot.

Please look for future posts detailing these conversations. I fully believe as you learn more about her past and future, you will walk away with a deeper appreciation of the history around you. I know that I have.


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