Natural gas use comes to Susquehanna County

Today’s post contributed by Bill desRosiers – Coordinator, External Affairs

This week something amazing happened for the first time in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. Pennsy Supply in Montrose started using natural gas to make asphalt. Since its institution in 1810, Susquehanna county residents have not enjoyed the benefits of natural gas as a utility. Instead more expensive options like oil, propane and coal were relied upon to heat and cook. Today, in surrounding neighborhoods like Binghamton and Scranton individuals enjoy natural gas and its cost savings during hard economic times. Something the roughly 43,356 residents in Susquehanna County could only dream of until now.

To celebrate this achievement, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the Pennsy asphalt plant right in front of the equipment hooking the facility up to gas. Representative from Leatherstocking, Pennsy, Williams Midstream, and Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation were all on hand. Pennsylvania State Representative Tina Pickett and State Senator Gene Yaw were also on hand to commemorate the momentous occasion.

Leatherstocking will look to build upon this foothold next year by growing its utility lines and servicing as many customers as possible.

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