Local Contractors Boom with the Gas Boom

In order to operate with success each day, the natural gas industry relies on local contractors in the region for their supporting services. Over the past few months, we’ve been highlighting many of these businesses we work with to show our appreciation for the work they do. From equipment rentals to well pad and environmental maintenance, and so many more businesses, we’re honored to have these dedicated partners by our side.

We are thankful to give back to the region through education and economic development. Many of our landowners and community members have been able to make a living from the gas industry by starting their own businesses.

Charlie Clark is a landowner in Springville, Susquehanna County. While he headlines as a dairy farmer, he and a fellow farmer also started their own business within the natural gas industry. They provide environmental maintenance to pipelines and well pads along with various other services. After nearly a decade, they’ve built their business to over ten employees. Working with the natural gas industry has allowed Clark and so many others to curate and grow their businesses with a reliable partner.

Another company has been able to “boom with the gas boom,” as Project Manager Cory Sprout puts it. RHL Companies has flourished with the opportunities the industry has provided. What started as a small residential logging business has grown into a clearing and grubbing businesses with over 50 employees. The natural gas industry now accounts for some of their largest clients.

Contractors in the northeastern Pennsylvania region are known for the excellent work they do and the hardworking employees that they hire. As the industry thrives in this area, these folks make a living through their own businesses, but also create more jobs in the region as they grow more successful. GasSearch Drilling Services (GDS) is doing just that by consistently adding new talented individuals to their team. As a valued support company wholly owned by Cabot, GDS provides dirt construction, water hauling, trucking and roustabout services to us and continues to grow their fleet each year.

These thriving businesses have created family-sustaining opportunities for the dedicated workers throughout the community. As Clark sums it up, “offer a quality service at a fair price, give an honest day’s work, and you’ll never be looking for work again… give a hundred percent, that’s all you’ve got to do.” And that’s exactly what these local contractors have done.

Natalie Clarke

Natalie was born and raised just outside Pittsburgh, PA. She attended Carlow University and earned a BA in Corporate Communications and Mass Media. After graduating, she landed a job in the telecommunications field where she spent seven years leading their digital marketing initiatives. Today, Natalie is the External Affairs Coordinator for Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation where she manages the internal and external communications activities. She enjoys merging traditional and digital marketing tactics to create impactful messages that spread Cabot’s mission throughout the community.

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