Laughable Lingo 2

A while back we did a Laughable Lingo post that that defined some of the more elusive oil and gas lingo that industry experts throw around. Surprisingly enough the list of words I didn’t understand is long enough to make tow whole posts.

Rig Up

As the child of two native Pittsburghers my original guess deviated from the common yinzer phrase “red up” which means “get ready.”

My Guess (v): get dressed, prepare to leave, hurry

Oil and Gas Translation (v): To make ready for use. Equipment must typically be moved onto the rig floor, assembled and connected to power sources or pressurized piping systems.

Turns out I wasn’t too far off on this one.

Mud Logger

My Guess (n): a logger who cuts down trees in very muddy conditions

Oil and Gas Translation (n): A technician who uses chemical anlysis, micorscopic examination of the cuttings, and an assortment of electronic insturments to monitor the mud system for possible indications of hydrocarbons

Kick Off Point (KOP)

My Guess (n): The start of swim meets when the swimmers “kick off” form the wall or starting block

Oil and Gas Translation (n): Teh kickoff point is the location at a given depth below the surface where the wellbore is deviated in a given direction.

Christmas Tree

My Guess (n): dead pine trees that people decorate to celebrate Christmas

OIl and Gas Translation (n): an assembly of valves, gauges, and chokes mounted on a well casing head to control productio and the flow of oil to the pipelines

Skidding the Rig

My Guess (v): Dropping hte rig and somehow leaving a black scratch on the well pad

Oil and Gas Translation (v): moving a derrick from one location to another on skids and rollers



My Guess (v): the acto of falling slightly or completely, over an inanimate object or simply one’s own foot

Oil and Gas Translation (v): making a “trip” is the procedure of pulling the entire string of drill pipe out of the borehole and hten running the entire length of the drill pipe back in the hole


My Guess (adj.): slang term that is a synonym for “cool” or “awesome”

Oil and Gas Translation (n): pipe coating


My Guess (n): piece of furniture often used to store clothing

Oil and Gas Translation (n): Mechanical coupling used to join joints or lengths of pipe rather than threading or welding

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