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Following the Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce’s annual Energy and Education Expo, Cintas and Bulwark hosted a mixer for all of the vendors, panelists, and invited guests of the expo to relax following a long, but productive day prompting the natural gas industry in Northeast Pennsylvania. The event featured entertainment, wines from a local winery, and an introduction to a phenomenal organization, Hunters Sharing the Harvest (HSH), a charitable venison donation program for hunters who share their extra venison through a statewide network of participating butchers to Food Banks across Pennsylvania.

Cabot has supported HSH over the last few years and looks forward to building its partnership even further. Coverage of Cabot’s past involvement with HSH can be found here, here, and here.

To help build support for HSH in the northeast, Cabot sponsored a wild game sampling and BBQ dinner during the Energy and Education Expo mixer to compliment the discussion about venison donations.

HSH’s Executive Director, John Plowman, a tireless individual working to curb hunger in Pennsylvania, made the trip up to the expo and the mixer to personally share, as only he can, the impact HSH is having on Pa’s hunger problems. Plowman also came prepared to announce the results of last year’s season, a static not yet released to the media at the time of the mixer.

Johnny Williams, freelance Journalist and regular contributor to, covered the event and Plowman’s announcement:

Although the Pennsylvania deer hunting season is still several months away, that trophy buck is surely on the minds of hunters across the state. However, the main idea on the mind of Hunters Sharing the Harvest (HSH) Executive Director John Plowman is the prospect of once again using the deer hunting season to feed thousands of hungry Pennsylvanians.

“Since 1991 the Hunters Sharing the Harvest venison donation program, (HSH) has coordinated the processing and distribution of donated wild game from hunters and municipal herd reduction sources to hungry people throughout Pennsylvania,” the program’s website states. “More than 1.8 million Pennsylvanians are classified as food insecure, with the recent economy downturn only escalating the need and requests for food assistance.”

Plowman shared the donation totals of last year’s Hunters Sharing the Harvest program as well as officially announced the kickoff of 2015’s fundraising.

“Last year we had 97,000 pounds of venison donated by our hunters, which is enough for 450,000 meals,” he said. “It was our second-best year ever, but there are still over a million people that need assistance, and we still need help to make this year even better.”

As a non-profit charity program, HSH relies on local people and businesses to help cover the costs associated with processing the venison. Last year, the support was so effective that HSH was able drop the $15 deposit required by hunters donating their deer.

“We cannot offer enough thanks to our industry partners like Chief, Cabot, Southwestern, Williams and the Marcellus Shale Coalition for their support,” Plowman said. “Without their help, we would not able to pay the butchers to process the meat.” The program also receives support from those outside the industry as well.

For Johnny William’s full coverage of the event please visit Hunters Sharing the Harvest Program Returns to Help Hungry

In attendance for the mixer were some familiar supporters of HSH. Representing the natural gas industry was Daria Fish, Chief Oil & Gas and HSH North Central Regional Director, Mike Narcavage, Southwestern Energy, Tammy Bonnice, Williams, and John Augustine, Marcellus Shale Coalition. Each of these companies sponsors and supports HSH in a number of ways Bill Sordoni, President & CEO of Sordoni Construction Services, Inc., and HSH Northeast Regional Director, also traveled in for the event.

A special recognition goes out to State Senator Lisa Baker (20th) and State Representative Karen Boback (117th) stopped by to show their support for HSH at the mixer. Both have supported HSH in Harrisburg and Northeast Pa for years.

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