Ethan Greenley Discusses Safety and Environmental Efforts

Meet Ethan Greenley, Recycled Water Treatment Foreman at Cabot. As we have mentioned in previous posts, as part of our environmental efforts, Cabot recycles nearly 100% of water on well sites, and Ethan is in charge of overseeing these water treatment processes.  

Ethan touts Cabot’s partners in water recycling, ComTech Industries and Fluid Recovery Services, for being great at what they do. While many companies send water elsewhere to be treated, these partners make it possible to keep everything in house, making the recycling process much more efficient.  

Despite Cabot’s water recycling and environmental efforts, Ethan still notes environmentalism as a controversial topic that he often encounters. However, working at Cabot has given him the chance to see the high standards that the company has set for itself.  

“There’s no other top priority when it comes to conserving the area that we are working in- the environmental aspect and the environmental impact being minimized and the safety aspect as well.” 

Ethan sees this environmental concern as two-fold. While Cabot cares considerably about environmental impact, much of that concern is homegrown. Cabot’s operations are in the backyards of its employees and community, meaning local workers strive to protect their local environment. “It touches home when we can help protect something from happening… we take that extra step to make sure we care.” 

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Bill desRosiers

Raised in Highland Falls, New York, William desRosiers learned about responsible resource development, firsthand, as a part of his family's mining business. William received his B.S. in Management, History and MBA from Misericordia University. He currently serves in External Affairs for Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation. His primary responsibilities include strengthening media relationships, managing company-run fundraising programs, building better community relations and representing Cabot every chance he has.

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