Putting EITC funds to work for our schools

For those who may be unaware, Pennsylvania has a program managed through the Department of Community and Economic Development which allows eligible businesses to contribute through an Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC). Details on the EITC program can be found here, but the basic idea is businesses can apply for funding in exchange for tax credits. The funding is then directed by the business to approved organizations which fall into one of three buckets: Scholarship Organizations, Educational Improvement Organizations or Pre-Kindergarten Scholarship Opportunities.

Funding educational programs

Through the EITC program, Cabot has been contributing to several programs across northeastern Pennsylvania.

Approved Organizations

From the REACH Foundation website:

Scholarship Organizations

Scholarship Organizations provide scholarships to children to attend the schools of their choice. For the complete list of DCED approved Scholarship Organizations, please click here.

Educational Improvement Organizations

Educational Improvement Organizations fund innovative programs in public schools across the Commonwealth. For the complete list of DCED approved Educational Improvement Organizations, please click here.

Pre-Kindergarten Scholarship Organizations

Pre-K Scholarship Organizations fund scholarships to children so families have the ability to choose the pre-K that best fits the needs of their child. For the complete list of DCED approved Pre-K Scholarship Organizations, please click here.

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  1. Hi Brittany
    I am interested in your EITC program. I am a board member of a non profit school that is making a positive difference with children. I would like to meet with you and tell you about it
    Thanks for your time.
    Manny Savignano

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