CNG making its way to Western PA

A while back we posted about UPS in Northeastern PA converting their trucks to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). The trend of CNG conversions is continuing across the state making its way to western PA. The Mid Mon Valley Transit Authority (MMVTA) announced their plan to start converting their 30 bus fleet to CNG. By 2026 their entire fleet will be converted from diesel to CNG.

MMVTA operations manager Bob Smith was quoted in the Trib article explaining the company’s switch. Smith said, “Natural gas is more predictable and we sit on a natural gas field. It’s cheaper to operate with (compressed) natural gas.”

Currently the company has purchased two CNG fueled buses and is in the process of approving five more as part of the ongoing replacement schedule. Some of the replacements can be timed very conveniently since by federal standards every transit bus must be replaced every 12 years.

CNG Conversion

Besides the cost benefits that companies experience when they convert fleets to CNG, their natural gas vehicles (NGVs) meet the highest emissions standards set forth by the EPA. Not only is CNG a cleaner burning fuel but accordingto the Alternative Fuels Data Center, CNG is a good choice specifically for “High-mileage, centrally-fueled fleets that operate within a limited area.” The efficiency of CNG for these types of fleets is drawing more and more companies to convert.

This video posted by the Southern California Gas Company explains why companies all across the U.S. are taking advantage of this domestic fuel source.

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