Cabot Grilling Guide: How to Check the Gas Lines on Your Grill

Here at Cabot, we feel that maintenance is a crucial requirement to keep all machines running safely and smoothly.

If you have a natural gas grill, then you’re in luck! If you had it installed by a gas professional then your maintenance is simple:

  1. Call the gas professional to check the valves and the hose every couple of years

It’s as simple as that!

However, if you’re still riding the propane grill train then your maintenance has a few more steps:

  1. Check the connection points from the hose onto the propane tank, then from the hose to the burners. If they are loose there is potential for a leak! 
  2. Inspect the hose for any visible cracks, holes, or brittleness.
  3. To check for leaks too small to see, start by mixing dish soap with a little bit of water, then painting or spraying the solution onto the connection points and the length of the hose.
  4. Turn the gas on slowly but DO NOT LIGHT THE GRILL.
  5. Check for any bubbles on the connections and the hose. If there are any bubbles on the connection points shut the gas off, tighten the connection points, and repeat the process.
  6. If there are any bubbles on the hose turn the gas off and do not turn the gas back on until there is a new hose in place.

If you would like to learn more tips, read the warnings or get more details, please visit our source.

Though we are in favor of natural gas grills, we want everyone to use safe grilling practices this season.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Look for our next post celebrating national grilling month!

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